Tour de Cowichan Valley

I’ve been planing on doing this ride for a while, but just got around to registering tonight. Tour de Cowichan Valley  Call me a wimp, but I waited until the last minute to register because I’ve been watching the weather, so that I wouldn’t sign up for the ride and have to ride for 10~11 hours in the pouring rain.  The weather looks grand with mainly sunny skies and temps in the double digits.

One of the great things about this ride is that it’s in a great scenic area and most of the roads I’ve never been on.  I’ve passed through the area many times on my way to and from Victoria, but I’ve never been to “downtown” Chemainus, Cowichan Lake, or Shawnigan Lake for that matter.  From driving through the area, I imagine that there will be some good climbing involved.  Here is a link to the map/route for the ride

Since the ride starts at 7:00am, it means that I’ll have to sleep in the back of the truck again.  It’s a bit closer than Victoria, so that means that I should be home at an earlier time than the Chilli 200 I did at the beginning of March.  I had the Pelican out last night and it’s running like a champ.  I picked up a Lezyne Road Drive pump last weekend and have it installed on the bike, so hopefully I won’t have to use it on this ride.  I got a flat on the Chilli 200 and ended up borrowing Holland’s pump because my old Blackburn pump that I’ve been carrying around for years finally bit the dust exactly when I needed it.  I still plan on carrying a couple of CO2 cartridges just as a backup because they are so small and easy to pack, but I wouldn’t want to have to rely on them exclusively.

On the Chilli 200, I brought my camera but failed to even take it out of my back pocket once.  Hopefully when I update the site with a ride report, I’ll have some pictures to post. Wish me luck!

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