What’s on my wish list …

Last night I stumbled upon some great looking cycling shoes.  They are made by  Dromarti, which from what I can gather are a British company, while the shoes are made in Italy.  The model is called the Sportivo Classic.  These shoes are SPD compatible, but the crazy thing is that they don’t come with the cleats that you attach to the bottom of the shoes.  I have been using a pair of Nike cycling shoes that I bought around 1997 and it’s about time that I got into the 21st century ~ retro style.  A lot of the road gear out there today makes you look like you’re riding in some superhero costume, but these shoes are pure class.  The price isn’t that bad either and are cheaper than a pair of Sidi’s that I’ve been pondering.

I’ve been also looking at Peter White’s site for a while now and have been ogling the Berhoud GB 372 front panniers.  They have them on sale and are a great deal for these panniers.  A buddy of mine paid full price for them a couple of years ago and loves them.  These are the biggest panniers that they make and I am hoping I can get away with a pair of these and my Carridice Nelson Longflap Saddle bag (mine is faded green).  I’m planing a cycling trip this summer down to Portland, Oregon to visit a friend and also check out String Cheese at Hornings Hideout. They would also match my handlebar bag nicely 🙂
If for some reason I need more room for gear and whatnot, I might consider a Bob Yak trailer instead of rear panniers.  This is something I’m really going to have to think through.  My gearing on the Pelican is 48-32 on the front with 11~32 on the rear, so I don’t have a “granny” gear that a lot of people have on touring bikes.  This means that I’m either going to really work on the hills hauling my stuff, or get off and walk.  I much rather work than walk.  With the Yak Dry Sak, it gives you 93~4 litres of space ~ which is quite a bit more than panniers. Hmmm.  A handlebar bag, saddle bag and Bob Yak with the Yak Dry Sak sounds better and better.  But damn, those Berthoud panniers look so damn sexy!  Gotta put the thinking cap on figure out what I need for hauling.  I already have most of the camping/travelling gear that I’ll need for the trip, so I’ll get it out and see how much room I’ll need.  The Yak would also be great for hauling groceries from Courtenay > home…
Another thing to consider is that I would also need to buy a front rack for the panniers.  I really like the look of the Tubus Nova, and it gets great reviews, but the panniers and rack add up to quite a bit more than the Yak trailer, with half the carrying capacity…
Last on the wish list is cycling gloves.  The Brooks leather handlebar tape looks great, but it doesn’t provide a lot of cushion for the hands.  I rode the Victoria Populaire (100kms) with winter ski gloves and bare hands and was fairly comfortable, but I was changing hand positions quite a bit throughout the ride.  I’ll see how I do on the Tour de Cowichan Valley 200km brevet this weekend.  I really like the look of the Giro LX short finger gloves for spring/summer/fall riding.  You can find them on eBay for quite a bit cheaper than on the Giro site.  The Leather Town Gloves from Rapha look great, but for $170 they are way out of my price range.  About a month ago I saw some Gore Bike Wear winter gloves that really were the cats’ ass.  Warm and waterproof.  I forget what model they were, but I’ll be looking for them when the cold weather rolls around.  They also had some really nice booties that keep the wind and wet out and had a nice fleece lining. The MEC booties that I have work great and keep my feet warm and dry.  When they wear out, I might move up to the Gore, but for the price I paid, the MEC booties are great!
 I have to put on my thinking cap and figure out what I really need, rather than want before dropping cash.  I’m thinking that the gloves will be first as they are the cheapest item.  I’m going to check out the Bob Yak as I know of a couple of places that have them in stock and can get my hands on it and see how it feels.  If I do go the trailer route, then I’ll have saved some money over the panniers/rack, so those ultra cool shoes might be a possibility.
Does anybody have any experience or feedback on the products listed?  I’d love to hear what you think of them.  Drop me a line if you can.
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5 Responses to What’s on my wish list …

  1. I know that Vittoria sells that kind of SPD shoes and cost around $100 or so… Formerly shimano sold SH-MT22 SPD shoes and it looks really nice and really cheap($75)… but its out of order now. Well, I’m just thinking of Chrome Kursk Pro, the sneaker looks SPD shoes to buy.

    TOPEAK also sells that kind of trailer and I heared some of bikers also use that in Japan. But it cost really expensive($300) so now I refuse though..

  2. thelazyrando says:

    Unless you are hauling wood or something funky skip the BOB. Your bike will handle so much better with panniers/racks.

    safe riding,


  3. RandoRay says:

    I second Vik’s observation; trailers are for hauling junk, self-contained, properly loaded is the way to go.

    One can always find more stuff to pack (not to mention buy). Resist this urge. On tour, less is more.

    Happy trails!

  4. mike Croy says:

    I would personally shy away from the gore bike wear winter gloves. I have had problems with mine and had to return a couple of pairs. The liner that is stitched inside came loose and everytime I took my hand out of the glove the liner turned inside out and was nearly impossible to put back in,

  5. denmankayaks says:

    Thanks guys for your input ~ I value your opinion and will take it into consideration when the time comes to drop money. I’m really happy nobody had anything bad to say about the shoes. Damn, they are sexy! In regards to the panniers vs trailer thread, I’m going to have to make a decision soon. I have a Chariot kids trailer that I hauled the kids around in when they were younger and it was a slog. It’s been a long time since I toured with panniers but I don’t remember it having a drag like the trailer does, so I will probably go with panniers when it comes down to decision time. Interesting to hear about the Gore gloves. I hate it when the liners comes out when you take your hand out of the gloves. It NEVER goes back in like it originally did. What gloves have worked for you?


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