Look what arrived at our house today…

Norie (my lovely wife) saw an ad on Craigslist last week and it got her heart a pattering.  Today she dragged me to town to check out this …

Worksman Front Load Super Delivery Bike

Worksman Front Load Super Delivery Bike

It’s a Workman Front Load Super Delivery Bike and is built like a tank.  It’s in great condition and she got a great deal on it.  She plans on using it for the Saturday Market here on Denman Island and is either considering painting the box, or taking it off (read, me taking it off) and putting on a lower wooden box of some design (again, whatever I can come up with).  It has 3 speeds and the shifters are between your legs, right below the seat.  It also has a parking brake on it.  I’m going to bring it into the shop tomorrow and clean it up and make some adjustments.  With that said, it’s ready to roll right now.  Norie’s talking about putting on an older Brooks B135 if she can find a used one (maybe eBay?), and I would love to find some chrome fenders for the front wheels to match the rear fender.  We’ll keep you updated on how it evolves.

After we got the bike unloaded, I checked the mail and low and behold, the new issue of Bicycle Quarterly was waiting for me. I love the fact that Jan Heine uses old style manila envelopes with “First Class Mail” stamped on it.  Very retro!

I always enjoy reading Bicycle Quarterly and I always learn something new.  It definitely has an old world flavour to it and I enjoy reading the historical accounts of randonneuring and bikes from yesteryear, alongside with the reviews of new bikes and components.  I like that Jan seems like a cyclist first, as opposed to a publisher/businessman.  It gives the magazine an authentic feel, although he does peddle/pedal? his wares within the pages.  With that said, I don’t think he would endorse a product if he didn’t believe in it and I’ve ordered a few things from him (Bottom bracket, handlebars and generator hub) for the BDB Pelican build.

Time to post this and dive into BQ now that the kids are in bed.

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4 Responses to Look what arrived at our house today…

  1. JannyK says:

    a drive-by sushi wagon – I love it! Can she come all the way to my house? It’s only a little bit north of the ferry…

  2. RandoRay says:

    Why take that box off. Put a refrigerator unit in it and sell ice-cream at the ferry terminal this summer … make a fortune! 🙂

  3. denmankayaks says:


    My wife sells sushi at the Saturday Market here on Denman, so she’ll probably use it for that. She can throw a cooler in it along with folding chair and be on her way to set up. We’re probably going to paint the box and figure out a way to add an umbrella. The bike is pretty heavy but she only has 5kms to go each way with no major hills involved. She’s so excited about this bike 😉


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