I’m a card carrying Randonneur!

Yesterday when I checked the mail, there was an envelope from a Gary Baker from Cultus Lake.  The name sounded familiar but I couldn’t place it.  When I got home, I opened it and to my surprise, there was a letter from the BC Randonneurs along with a bookmark and membership card.  How cool is that!

BC Randonneurs Membership Card

I rode with Jeff for a while on the Tour de Cowichan Valley brevet and never realized that he was the President of the club.  Great guy that rides a very sweet Marinoni.

All the goodies

My knee is feeling much better now and doesn’t hurt when climbing the stairs.  I was going to go out for a ride this evening, but the rain is coming down pretty good, so I jumped on the computer instead.

Thanks to everyone who gave me tips and links on dealing with my knee.  I’m looking through the options and will get some kind of stretching/exercise program going soon.

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1 Response to I’m a card carrying Randonneur!

  1. thelazyrando says:

    You’re more official than I am. I can’t recall every getting a card. I figure the BC Randos may have “lost” mine in the mail, but I just keep showing up…hahaha….=-)

    Glad you are feeling better!

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