Snow to Surf and everything in between

What a blast!

I was out the door on time and all the preparations had been taken care of.  We caught the 8am ferry and stopped at Tim Horton’s for breakfast before heading to the Mtn bike start area.

Norie and the kids left for Comox Lake transisition area, so I did a short warm up run on a logging road and finished my coffee.

I got back just before the first runners started coming in.  It was great to see Cam from Denman Island come through 3rd.  This high school kid is poetry in motion.  Jim, Kevin and probably a few others came by, but the Red Bull I just slammed had started to kick in so it was a little hazy with pre race tension.

I probably wasn’t down at the bottom of the chute for more than a couple of minutes when I saw Tomas coming at us.  They are supposed to call your number, but I guess they forgot.  The transition went smooth and I was off.  This is what I had been training for.  Oops, my computer wasn’t started so I’m probably a km short.  Look up and see 3 in site. Head back down and push hard, but pacing well.  Drinking was done regularly throughout the whole route/day.

Up the pipeline was fairly quick at the bottom but then got dippy and was hard to get a good rhythm going.  At the top they throw you in the woods with all the roots and knurls.  This is where I’ve always lost time in this race.  With that said, the course was so much fun to ride. There was something for everyone on this route.  Other than a few times that I got off my bike to jump a log, or some other obstacle, I was pedalling.

After getting yourself dizzy with exhaustion in the woods, you come flying out down a trail that drops you into the transistion area where you hand off your bike and look for Peter Marshall while running towards the beach.  Easy to spot and the kayak was off in style.  Here are a few pictures …


And now some pictures from the rest of the race …

These pictures are taking a while to upload, and I need to get to bed.  I’ll post this now and come back tomorrow to finish it off.  One more just because it makes me smile…


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