Highway to Hell 400km brevet ~ Union Bay Control

If you remember sometime back, Norie bought a Workman Cycles cargo bike.  Last weekend we got the crazy idea of building a new box for it and having it ready for the control on Saturday morning (today).  I’ll post more about the build separately, but we bolted the box to the frame on Friday afternoon.  Last minute adjustments, figuring how to load it, a test ride with the kids in it, and final preparations for the control was how I spent Friday evening.

Almost ready

I had told Mike and Brynee Croy way back at the beginning of March that I would willing to volunteer at the Union Bay control for the Highway to Hell 400km brevet ~ and they called me on it 🙂  Because I was riding to the control, a lot of the preparations were the same with a few others thrown in.  I checked in with Mike last night, wished him luck, and smiled because I wouldn’t have to sleep in the truck.  The control didn’t open until 9am, I could catch the 8:40am ferry off Denman Island.

Tai was going to be my right hand man today, so headed off for the 7km ride to Union Bay.  About a km down the road I was really starting to feel it in the legs and was starting to think that this bike rides like a pig.  I then realized that I had the hand brake on and slapped myself in the head.  Big difference! For such a heavy bike/load, it rides fairly well!  I imagine I was cruising around 15/16 kmh comfortably and handling was OK. Riding on the shoulder took some getting used to with the 2 front tires out front.  The weather was fantastic and a view that I never get tired of …

North end of Denman Island with Coastal Mtns in the background

When we got to Union Bay, we sat up the control and “assumed the position”.  Actually, there was very little sitting around to be done.

Assuming the position

Ken Bonner came in just before 11:30am and the last rider left by 2pm.  In between that time felt like a picnic/party.  Lots of curious folks, classic cars, and hungry riders to attend to made the time go by in a blink. Even some of the Denman Peloton stopped quickly while racing to catch the ferry. It was such a great day and the weather was amazing to top everything off.  Tai did great getting the control cards, writing down the times and running every errand I threw at him. Well done Tai!

Hard at work

Well done to everyone that took part in this ride and I’m so happy that the weather turned out so nice.  I was a real pleasure seeing you all and helping you along the way.  I imagine that most of you are finished by now, but there might still be a couple out on the road.  Good on you!

Here is a list of things that I brought to the control:

  • Table
  • 2 chairs
  • pens/stamp
  • Floor pump
  • Tool kit
  • 25 litre water jug (full)
  • Ipad
  • Mandolin
  • Cooler

For food/hydration, I brought:

  • 1 platter of sushi (made my Norie)
  • bananas
  • oranges
  • tray of brownies
  • tray of cinnamon buns
  • juice boxes
  • chocolate
  • water & gatorade mix

Other than a couple of bananas and a few oranges left over, everything else seemed to be a hit and seemed to go down well.

I’m going to try and throw the rest of the pictures I took on here as a “gallery”, so you might have to click on them to see them larger.  Thanks again everyone and it was great to see you.

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1 Response to Highway to Hell 400km brevet ~ Union Bay Control

  1. Mikael says:

    Thank you John and Tai for all the support and encouragement. It was wonderful to spend time with you. I was very impressed with your tricycle and bike.

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