Now that the nice weather is here, I’m not on the computer as much.  Rest assured that I have been keeping myself busy and plenty of cycling related stuff going on.  I’m planning on doing a 2 or 3 part post outlining the cargo bike box/bike build, along with review a little later down the road.  The Raleigh Tourist has been cleaned up nicely and is having it’s rear wheel trued by Oliver, here on Denman Island.  I want to repack the front hub and hopefully wait until the winter to get into the rear hub.  I also plan on taking lots of pictures and writing about that as well.

There are a few of us from Denman Island heading down to the Nanaimo Populaire next Saturday.  I’ll also be riding the Tour de Nanaimo and Cowichan Valley on June 16th and write ride reports respectively.  Hopefully they guys will enjoy themselves next weekend and also consider the 200km ride on the 16th.  There’s a few of the Denman Peloton riders that are going down to ride the Tour de Victoria on June 24th, so it would be a good training ride for that 😉

Go Ryder!!!

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