The Denman RandonneurS ~ Nanaimo Populaire

The morning started at 4:30am ~ LATE!  Norie had to make some sushi before leaving and was behind schedule.  I was up getting bikes related things ready, and by 7:35am we were out the door.  We caught the 8am ferry and only saw 2 members of the Denman Peloton.  Dennis, Doug and Jim were talking about doing the Nanaimo Populaire, but they weren’t on the ferry.  Hmmm.  We stopped off at the Departure Bay ferry terminal to drop Rie off.  Thank you Rie for coming to visit us.  It was probably just after 9:30am when we finally got to the starting point and sign-in and preparations began.  It was kind of a blur as I had Norie and Tai doing his first randonneuring event.  Chit-chat and finally see the guys from Denman 🙂

Here are a few pictures of the start …

The Denman Crew

The Denman Crew

Old guys with beards 😉

Lee ready to send us off

Norie and Tai had signed up to do the 50km ride and I was down for the 100km.  Pulling out of the parking lot things started moving quickly.  The starting point was down in the south end of Nanaimo and we were heading north to Lantzville.  Even though it was a Saturday morning, the roads that we rode on had little traffic.  After about 16kms I was starting to get into my pace ~ which translates as I started dropping off the back.  The guys from Denman were on fire and were hustling up the hills and not looking back.  The first control was in Lantzville at about 25kms.  Around the 20km mark I started thinking about waiting up for Norie and Tai and riding to the 2nd control with them.

When I got to the first control most of them had already had their cards signed so I told them to go on and that I was going to wait for Tai and Norie.  That was the last I saw of them and I hope that they had a great ride.  Tai and Norie were enjoying the route and rolled up just over an hour later …

Norie & Tai arriving at the 1st control

In the hour that I was waiting, the rain started and stopped a few times so I put on my rain jacket for warmth.  When we left the rain had just finished, but dark clouds still loomed around and would dump on us later.  I really enjoyed the 2nd part of the ride as the roads were quiet and the scenery was nice.

There was some climbing to do and rain to contend with, but by the time we got to the Secret Control we were getting into a good groove.  Thanks so much to Kristy for the company, treats and a can of coke that we shared.  When we left the control the rain really started to come down and it was so much fun.  We weren’t cold yet and were on quiet country roads.  The end wasn’t too far off, so we put our heads down and rode through some of the quieter roads in Nanaimo to the finish back at Serious Coffee.

A few more pictures…

Happy Randonneurs

Rain happens

Back at Serious Coffee we got our cards stamped and called it a day.  Hot chocolate was in order to warm our wet bodies and a well deserved seat to relax in after a good ride.

Time for relaxing!

Tai and Norie both did really well and I’m so proud of them.  I know that Tai was a little nervous before the ride, but he’s already talking about doing a 100km ride!  I haven’t touched base with any of the guys from Denman, but I hope that they had a good ride and might even consider the 200km brevet on June 16th.  It would be a good training ride for them as they are also doing the Tour de Victoria later in the month.  Thanks to Lee and all the volunteers who made this a great ride and for making a 9 year old boy feel special.

Ride completed and pins in hand

happy randonneurs

Here is the link to the results page

And here is a link to my Garmin data for the ride.

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4 Responses to The Denman RandonneurS ~ Nanaimo Populaire

  1. Dave Macmurchie says:

    Congratulations, especially Tai and Norie! Sounds like you made the most of a fairly challenging day and I wish I’d been there to celebrate your success in person.

    • denmankayaks says:

      Thanks Dave. We had a great time and Tai’s already talking about doing 100kms. I’ll be riding on June 16th ~ Nanaimo/Cowichan Valley brevet. Maybe I’ll see you there?


  2. Allen Henderson says:

    Congratulations to all , especially Tai . Sorry I didn’t get to say hello before the ride . Thanks for coming to Nanaimo .Bon route on the 16th .

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