I’ve started tearing it down …

For all those riding the Chili 200 ~ you got lucky as it’s a beautiful morning out there.  Vik, aka the Lazy Randonneur took some pictures of the start of the ride that you can see here.  Ride safe everyone and I’ll be waiting to see more pictures and hear how everyone did.

It was a great weekend and I got a lot of training in.  I guess I should tell you what I’m training for, otherwise this blog would be kind of aimless, wouldn’t it?  It seems like this is the time of year that I put a lot of training in for the upcoming Snow to Surf race that I’ve seemed to get drawn to most years.  It’s a good motivator to get out there on those cold, rainy morning during the grey of winter.  Last year I started also riding with the BC Randonneurs and got in some fantastic rides as well.  This year, the McGillivray Clan are also planning on doing the Tri K Triathlon in Comox near the end of May.  It is very family oriented with different categories that includes multiple levels and ages for kids.  I’ll be doing a Sprint level with 500 meters of swimming, 20 km bike, and a 5 km run to finish it off.  February was a great month of base training and now I’ll start putting in the effort towards speed work and endurance.

After the crash in September, my cycling dropped off.  The kids and I did a couple of bike camping trips (Horne Lake and Miracle Beach) in the fall, but I needed the time recoup physically and mentally.  Those cold rainy November and December days made my bikes feel lonely.  Other than take the seat off and get the wheels trued, I hardly looked at the Pelican over the winter.  I gave it a good looking over after the accident and sussed up what needed to be done, but that was the extent of it.

On Saturday evening, I put the Pelican on the bike stand and thought, ponder, reminisced~or whatever you want to call it, for a good half an hour.  Although I only rode it for 6 months, I spent many hours and kms on it to know that it was a special bike.  Very simple aesthetics and everything worked well together.  Riding it was like everything you wanted in a bike, and actually having it.


In the pondering stage …

I finally decided that I would start on the drivetrain because it was the easiest.  Hey, it a big job tearing down a bike, so might as well do the things that look like its a lot of work 😉  The SRAM chain will literally a snap taking off.  I like there design and will be putting on a new on the new Pelican.  The cranks came off easily once I found my crank puller (no left hand jokes, please).  The front and rear deraileurs were also easily taken off and cleaned up.  This morning I spent some time cleaning the cranks and chain rings along with the rear wheel and cogset.  I remember putting on all those parts about a year ago.

The last I spoke to Gabe at BDB, he said that because of NAHBS, the frames were going to be later than the original end of February estimate.  My understanding is that the frames were sent to BDB, but later returned due to some minor issues that they thought should be addressed before sending out to the public with their name on it.  If I find out more details, I’ll pass them along to you.  I’ll drop Gabe an e-mail later on in the week and see what he knows.  I’m really looking forward to building up this bike in a weird way.  One part of me loving the idea of the actually building up of this bike, while another part is a little sad that this frame is toast after only 6 months of riding it.  It was an accident and am placing blame nowhere.  Sometimes things come together and shit just happens.


The cleaning awaits

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