A gravelly idea grinding in my mind

Yesterday Norie and I went out for a late afternoon ride without the kids.  The sun was shining and within 2 kms we were witnessing the beauty of nature displayed by the annual herring spawn.  Eagles were soaring overhead and the fishing boats were manoeuvring around the murky turquoise water.  It felt like we were on a date!  Denman Island truly is a special place and yesterday was a perfect day to soak it in.  On the hills we were pushing each other and at the top we would share water and smile at each other (between gasps of air).  We have a route that is 27.5kms and on the return leg after swinging north Norie changed it up a bit and wanted to loop through Piercy Rd. and Nelson Cres. in the downtown area.  When I turned on to Nelson Cres., I thought that this  reminds me of the type of road I would come upon during a brevet.  Rural, quiet, plenty of natural beauty with interesting house to look at when passing by.  That’s when the idea started coming to me.

I thought wouldn’t it be cool to put on a ride for people to come and see this awesome island?  Hell, yeah!  The only thing is that I have a pretty full plate already this year.  The idea was percolating in my mind during the ride and I actually gave it some thought last night while mucking about in the shop.  It would be easy to do a 100km gravel grinder ride on Denman and still not be too isolated to scare away families and older riders.  Of course you would need a couple of checkpoints stocked with refreshments/snacks to keep people on route.  You could print up a control card and route sheet that would take people on paved roads, dirt roads, and some of the fire roads and trails up in the north end.  Come to think of it, it would be a great populaire ride for the BC Randonneurs, although they seems to stick to paved roads for the most part.  It could be designed with a couple of loops and making the downtown area in the middle allowing riders to lunch at the downtown bistros if they wished.  It would also be ideal in regards to catching the ferry and making it easy for people to come from off island.  With that, you would need promotion …

Something to think about and I’ll see what routes I can come up with along with the gps data.  I don’t see it happening this year, but next year might be feasible!  With the right promotion, it could become an annual event if all goes well the 1st year …  That’s the great thing about pipe dreams ~ they’re free and require little effort 😉

country life

country life

Here is a link to an article that talks about riding on Denman: http://www.take5.ca/on-the-beaten-path/bike-across-an-island/

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