St Patrick’s Day shenanigans


Woke up to a beautiful Sunday morning and knew that it would be an outside day.  The sun is starting to make itself visible more and more these days, which is a nice change from the grey, wet weather we’ve be experiencing the last 5 or so months.  Norie took some pictures along the way and then we spent the afternoon in the yard cleaning up and cutting grass.  Yes you east coasters, that’s right, I said “I cut the grass”.  The daffodils and krokus’ are blooming and I expect to see the cherry blossoms down in Victoria next weekend while riding the Victoria Populaire with the family.

I haven’t been riding or running much during the past week and a half or so as I had to renew my First Responder licence for the Fire Dept. last weekend, and then I came down with a toothache.  Things are better now and I’m back in the swing of things again.


And a few more shot from today.

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One Response to St Patrick’s Day shenanigans

  1. Jean says:

    Looks so lovely and warmer…than Calgary where we had a dump of some light snow..again this morning!

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