2013 Summer Bicycle Tour ~ Preview

We’re home safe.  Yesterday we rode from Ladysmith to Denman Island to complete our 3 and a half week bike tour.  It feels good to have nothing in my pockets and wearing baggy pants.  It’s the first day off the bike since we left Portland Oregon 11 days ago.  Clothes are washed and things are organized.  Started giving the bike the TLC it deserves/requires and am now connecting back on~line.  We had very limited internet access during the trip, and the time we did was used to connect with family and give short updates.

Now that we’re back online, Tai and I will update the blog 1 day at a time for the duration of the tour.  Tai wrote in his journal every night and we’ll pair that with the pictures we took and hopefully create something you’ll enjoy while also letting us tell you our story about our musical cycling journey.  ~ Day 1 Denman Island to Ladysmith, BC will be posted on Monday August 5th.

P1050958 P1050967 P1050989 P1060022 P1060263

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4 Responses to 2013 Summer Bicycle Tour ~ Preview

  1. Margot says:

    Looking forward to the pictures and the story. Margot

  2. wow, I can’t wait to hear all your adventures!

  3. Johnnie and Katy Roy says:

    Poised and ready to read the account of the dynamic duos adventure. Gonna be good.

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