Day 2 ~ Ladysmith, BC -> Port Angeles, WA (Vancouver Island mostly)

Garmin data found here (map, distance, weather, graphs …)


… and a good morning it was


We climbed the Malahat today. It was HOT LONG and HARD…But going down hill was fun!!! When we got to Victoria we ate fish and chips and chicken wings. We caught the 7:30pm ferry to Port Angeles. We are at  a youth hostel at 10:53pm. Todays ride was harder then yesterday. The ferry we caught hit a dock and lost a anchor.       


Grinding up the Malahat


We woke to a beautiful morning and a good chunk of the distance of the Vancouver Island leg already covered.  From Ladysmith to Victoria we had to climb the fabled Malahat pass before decending down into Victoria.  This was something that has been in the back of our minds for sometime for the both of us.  It was the first big climb of the trip and how would we fare with loaded touring bikes?

It took 2 hours to break camp from the time I woke to the time we hit the road.  Something we would try to improve upon.  From Ladysmith we rode through the Cowichan Valley and in no time we were upon Duncan.  It was more congested and a small shoulder at times, but we managed fine.  After Duncan we were heading towards the Malahat and stopped at Tim Horton’s in Mill Bay to fuel up.

From Mill Bay we started to climb.  In all honesty, it was easier than we expected.  We put our heads down and pushed out a slow steady pace that had us at the summit quicker than expected.  We had a rest and took a few pictures, then we were on the downside.  16kms of downhill is always exciting.  The road was being repaved and there was a lot of construction going on, plus the shoulder was littered with dirt and debris.  What a blast it was coming down and I managed to snap a good picture of Tai coming down.


It was hot, but the wind had picked up in the afternoon and we had a nice tailwind all the way to downtown Victoria.  In Victoria we had to hit the bank for US$, MEC to get Tai a rear tail light, and buy a map.  Once the chores were completed we had dinner in Boston Sq. and had fish and chips with chicken wings.  Celebration dinner for completing the Vancouver Island leg of the ride.

Before the trip started I figured we would stay the second night in Victoria, but plans got thrown out the window.  We caught the 7:30pm ferry to Port Angeles, WA and were on our way.  The ferry we were on hit a dock in Victoria harbour and rumor has it lost an anchor.  I was sitting inside and didn’t notice anything, but Tai was roaming the boat with the camera and saw it.


I don’t see it ~ do you see it?

It was 9:30pm by the time we got through customs and were upon the streets of Port Angeles with a few vague directions towards a place to spend the night.  Within 20 minutes we were at the ToadLily Int. Youth Hostel and were pitching our tent for $10.  Nice!

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6 Responses to Day 2 ~ Ladysmith, BC -> Port Angeles, WA (Vancouver Island mostly)

  1. Margoy says:

    Great ready.

  2. Margot says:

    Should read a great read!

    • denmanrandonneur says:

      Thank you. We’re glad that you’re enjoying it. Tomorrow will be the first full day of riding in Washington state. Some tasty pictures coming up …

      John & Tai

  3. Phil's Blog says:

    Great work guys! I’m enjoying the stories. Heading out this weekend for a 2-nighter. Getting motivation from you guys!

  4. Tanya Q says:

    Wow you guys did the Malahat – nice job! Thought you might have taken the Mill Bay-Brentwood Bay ferry instead.

    • denmanrandonneur says:

      No, we wanted to suffer the Malahat. It was a good climb to check the legs and it gave us something to compare to. It’s not that hard of a climb, it’s just long. Put the head down and grind it out.

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