Day 5 ~ South Beach CG, WA > Falls Creek CG, WA (Quinault)

Garmin Data can be found here.  (Map, Distance, Graphs, etc…)



The ride from South Beach Campground, WA to Quinault, WA would be the shortest day so far on the trip.  We got on the road by 7:15am and were 5 or 6 miles down the road in Queets in no time.  We stopped at the gas station/restaurant and got some breakfast and ate it outside in the warming sun.  So far we hadn’t seen any cars so Tai decided that he would count all the cars we saw (both directions) on our way to Quinault.  We also worked on a potty humoured song to the tune of Old Crow Medicine Show’s Big Time in the Jungle.  It was a fun morning and the time passed at an easy pace.


The first half of the ride was in a general incline with some steeper pitches thrown at you.  By now our legs were getting used to riding everyday and the hills weren’t as intimidating.  The last 15kms or so was a gentle slope down towards Quinault Lake and we rolled right into town at the stroke of noon.


Quinault is a charming lakeside resort town that was built up in the 1920’s and had all the charm to go along with it.  The wooden buildings were in remarkable condition and pleaded for exploration.  The general store was built in 1924 and had the same smell as the old store in Bishopton, Que, where my grandparents lived when I was a kid.  I liked it already.  The “Lodge” was built in 1926 in just 2 months.  Built when people took pride in their work and the craftsmanship could be seen and felt.  It definitely was a pretty town but we needed to find showers, clean up and find a campsite.


Quinault Lodge

In South Beach someone recommend a place to stay that had showers, but it was only for motorhomes.  For $1.50 they let us use their showers and I got talking to a Park Ranger while Tai was in the shower.  I was surprised that he carried a gun and said they were basically the police in the national park.  After the showers we went in search of a campsite.  There were 3 state campgrounds with about 2 miles and we checked out the one the Ranger recommended.  They had walk in sites that suited us well and we were soon setting up camp 5 minutes walk from downtown.  The park was nice enough but it hadn’t seen a rake in quite some time.  The Ranger mentioned that they were understaffed this summer.  Another cyclist pulled in shortly after us and we chatted for a bit and were off ~ him to find a shower and wifi, and Tai and I to our tent for a nap.


Home for the night

After our nap we went out exploring and had dinner at the general store.  There were a lot of hiking trails around town that showed off the rain forest, but we just scratched the surface.  I could easily have spent another day here.  We checked out the lodge with Maserati and Porsches parked out front and were comfortable with our decision to stay at the campground.  After dinner Matt (the cyclist we met earlier) came by our campsite and started chatting.  He left Edmonton a few weeks earlier and was heading the direction we just came from to finish up in Vancouver.  Nice guy to spend an evening with chatting beside a campfire.  Tales were told and heard in the dying embers and best wishes were shared as we parted.  One of the best things about this trip is the people you meet.


Last night we saw the sun go in to the ocean. We road to the Quinaut lake. It was a small shoulder. The building was huge and it 2/2 mouth to build . We had cheeseburgers for lunch at the general store. The buildings are so cool and old.  We went to the Lake Quinault Lodge, built in 1926.  It took 2 and a half months to build because they wanted to finish before the rainy season.  And there were no labour laws back then. We are at the at Falls Creek Campgroud We met Matt. He was a Canadian cyclist. It felt good to have a shower !! Today was a short day we only did 50kms but tomorrow will be HUGE!!!!  We saw 118 cars today.

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