Day 6 ~ Quinault, WA > Grayland, WA

Garmin Data can be found here.  (Map, distance, graphs, etc …)

P1060063We awoke to a rising sun and were on the road early.  First thing that greeted us was another nasty climb first thing in the morning.  Back up on Highway 101 we headed south towards Humptulips.  The road was quiets and we went through some beautiful nature.  We saw a freshly killed elk on the side of the road and were amazed at how big it was ~ a lot bigger than the deer on Denman Island.  In Humptulips we stopped for a coffee, but I didn’t see any tulips, or humping for that matter.  You know, Sunday morning and all.  A couple of retired guys from Tennessee pulled in and we got a chatting.  These guys were travelling light and I have now met a credit card cycle tourist.  They carried 1 change of clothes and that’s it.  Light bikes allowed them to pull away from us as we were leaving and a flat a little later would mean that we probably wouldn’t see them again.


The first flat of the trip.  I was surprised at how calm I was when it happened.  Luckily we were beside a guardrail and we could use it, and have our break at the same time.  A nail, that Tai still has, went in and out creating 2 holes, making changing the tube the logical choice.  Back on the bikes we were closing in on Aberdeen.  It was starting to get more populated and there was actually traffic again.  It felt nice to have ridden those quiet roads the past few days, but were were getting further south and a lot more people.  We were craving milkshakes so we stopped at Dairy Queen for lunch.


Riding through Aberdeen requires crossing a pretty big bridge and the wind had picked up.  It was at our side and I knew that it would be in our face when we changed direction towards the coast.  Sure enough as soon as we got off the bridge it was in our face.  For the first 5 miles or so out of town I just put my head down and ground it out.  It was hot and I guess the wind helped keep the temps a little cooler.  Along the way we saw the sign above and Tai wanted to see a jail.  We turned off when we got to the “Correctional Facility” and were soon met by a sign that said we were at the perimeter of an armed facility and going any further wasn’t a good idea.  Back on 101 the wind had died down a little, but it was still there.


We had been riding beside an inlet shore and had now reached the coast again.  Just before Westport we had stopped at a gas station/store and bought a few things to go along with dinner.  As we were getting back on our bikes the bike train came by and we jumped on the back.  It was the 3 British 1 German we had a met back in Cresent Lake, Forks area, and tagging along were Heike & Soeren.  We were all heading towards Grayland State Park and as we were riding along catching up, the police pulled us over.  They had found someone’s wallet on the side of the road and wondered if it was one of ours.  Nice guy and we were on our way.  At the campground we split a site with Heike and Soeren and gathered around the campfire 1 site over at the the 3 British cyclists and 1 German.  I keep saying that because I have totally forgotten their names.  I think one of them was Dominic … Hot showers and Tai spent a little time throwing around a rugby ball with them.  He was told that he had “mad skills” with the rugby ball 😉  After dinner we sat around the campfire and had a great conversation.  Tai really enjoyed himself and am glad that he has been exposed to these kinds of experiences at a young age.  This kid keeps amazing me.



Dad got a flat today. A nail went through his back tire.  We met some cyclists we met already.  At Grayland we got pulled over by the police.  It was cool.  We got poled because someone lost their walit.  He wanted to ask us if it was ares.  Last night we met Matt and had a campfire with him.  It was so fun.  I was in charge of the fire.  It staed on for a long time.  In Aberdeen there was a headwind.  It was STRONG.  We road 111kms today.  HOT SHOWERS!

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