Day 7 ~ Grayland, WA > Cape Disappointment, WA

Garmin Data can be found here.  (Map, Distance, Speeds, Graphs and a whole bunch of other stuff.)


The key for putting in a lot of distance throughout the day is to get on the road early.  We were leaving when the others were just getting up, so this gave us a head start.  There were 2 possible places within camping distance but we had our eyes set on Cape Disappointment, WA ~ 127kms away.  Leaving the park we rode through the economically challenged part of town and were heading towards Raymond ~ some 25 miles down the road.  The weather was excellent and we were following the water into a bay we had to go around.  There were some long stretches through pastoral lands with livestock in the fields.  Traffic was light and we went through  a couple of bridge construction areas at our own pace that allowed us to notice a couple of hawks on a phone wire.  We stopped and checked it out, then watching it take off and soar the air above the fields.  Beautiful birds.


When we were coming into the outskirts or Raymond and where the road connects back up with Highway 101, we saw a house fire.  This was around 11am and it was hot already. These boys had a few more hours ahead of them and they got my respect.


In Raymond we stopped at a grocery store to pick up some supplies and have lunch.  The place was a time capsule back to my childhood road trips to Florida with my parents back in the 70’s.  They played some great 70’s country music that I haven’t heard in years and feels so American.  I liked the place.  When we were leaving, Heike and Soeren were pulling in and they were also heading for Cape Disappointment ~ the British were still getting up when they left and were in search of breakfast in town before the left.


The road back out the other side of the bay was long and straight.  It was now into the 90’s and we covered a lot of miles without seeing much of civilization other than the cars passing us.


We got back out to the coast and started heading south now along the inside of a bay.  It proved for some excellent wetlands and beautiful scenery.  Damn, it was hot.


We stopped about 5 miles from Cape Disappointment Park and had some well earned ice cream.  We had made it and we had a little time to relax.  We picked up a few things to go along with dinner including some Mike’s Hard Lemonaide.  We had a few more miles to go in town through a pretty neighbourhood before the entrance to the Park and the hills that awaited.  That was just cruel.  We humped it up and down for a few miles before actually getting to the camping area.  The good part was that we were going slow enough to really take it all in.  We stopped at a couple of lookouts to enjoy the view and rest our legs.  When we finally got to the hiker/biker area, Heike and Soeren were already there.


Cape Disappointment is the most southwestern part of Washington state, and is where the coast and Columbia River meet.  It’s a beautiful place that I can imagine gets some pretty wild weather.  There is a picture of the lighthouse inside the campground gatehouse that is getting nailed by a crashing wave.  It was around 6:30~7pm and the sun was still out but there was a bit of mist in the air.  We had showers, set up camp and did a bit of exploring.  Lots of great pictures were taken as it’s a pretty camera friendly place.  We sat down and had dinner with Heike and Soeren and spent the evening chatting with them.  The British/German never showed up.  It was the longest day on the trip ~ 127kms, and were crossing the Columbia River and into Oregon state tomorrow.  We were feeling pretty good, but we would sleep well tonight.


It was the biggest ride I ever did. We saw hawks and rabbits ~ it was so cool. I WAS SO TIRED TODAY!!!!!!!!! It was so hot in the afternoon. The British people didn’t come today. It was up and down today. It was fun and  the  weather was grate. We smelt SKUNK  AND SAW DEAD OPOSSUM. We just saw a racoon. When dad was closing his paneya it was hard to close and his hand slipped and he punched his self in the balls.  It was so funny!!!! We had hot showers.                    

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