Day 12 ~ 3rd day of Northwest String Summit (Saturday)


Saturday morning we awoke to another beautiful day.  Being in bed before midnight the night before, we were some of the early risers this morning.  We made coffee and hung out for a while before strolling down to catch Big E’s show that started at 8:30am.  There were a lot of well behaved kids there with parents and I was happy that Big E and Allie had a good size crowd for such an early start.  Both of them are wonderful musicians and they sounded great.  They were engaging and entertaining which made them very accessible for the kids, while at the same time speak to the adults.  They did a great job and Tai went over and talked with them after the show.


Big E



When we were leaving and walking by the coffee area, Tai wanted to go get his mandolin and make some pocket money for the show.  He saw a toy bus that he wanted to buy for Ekou, so he set up and busked for about 20~25 minutes until he had enough money ($20).


Tai’s busking behind there


Afterwards we went back to camp and hung out in the shade until mid afternoon.  David Grisman’s Bluegrass Experience, Leftover Salmon and Yonder Mountain String Band were playing today so there was going to be a lot of good music.  There was music going on everywhere at this festival and we saw some great picking in the parking lots and campsites.  In our little area, we had a guitar, banjo and mandolin so there was always some picking going on.


David Grisman’s Bluegrass Experience

We went for a hike through the Back 40 and then up to Land’s End before circling back to the venue area.  David Grisman sounded great if you were close, but up on the hill you could  hardly hear them.  Leftover Salmon came on around dinner time and were the highlight of the weekend.  Great festival music that had people dancing and singing up to the moon.  A really fun band to see live.


Leftover Salmon

When Leftover Salmon finished, Polecat started playing on the Further bus and were literally rocking it.  It was the first I had heard of them, but I really liked it and bought one of their CD’s.  We went and bought some food afterward and then roamed around before Yonder Mountain came on.

P1060388 P1060390

Tai had some glow in the dark glasses that he brought from home and tonight was the night that he busted them out.  The light show was great on Saturday night and the fans brought a lot of cool toys to play with as well.  About halfway through the 2nd set of Yonder we decided to call it a night.  It was cooling off quickly and we had a big day.  Another night we’d be some of the early ones that went to bed.  This a great family friendly festival that has a quiet area, but still has plenty going on after the main stage shuts down for the night in other parts of the park.


Night vision

A few more pictures


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One Response to Day 12 ~ 3rd day of Northwest String Summit (Saturday)

  1. adrian walker says:

    Thanks for the blog, I’m really enjoying it. Is that a new mandolin Tai is playing? I haven’t seen a ukulele yet, they are great for touring, very small, easy to play, and so portable. There are always a couple on the Great Victorian Bike Ride, every year. Happy and safe travels

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