Day 13 ~ Last day of Northwest String Summit (Sunday)

P1060408 Dad/John The first coffee of the morning when you are camping is always the best.  Maybe it’s the act of making it outdoor and using a camp stove that pushes it into the next realm … it was quiet this morning and I knew we had a relaxing day ahead of us.  A lot of people would be breaking down camp today, but we are going to leave tomorrow morning.  After coffee we headed down to the Cascade Stage and saw quite a few peacocks cross our path. We caught Big E’s Sunday morning outlaw show and Tai got him to sign his mandolin case afterwards.


Tai & Big E

Since Tai had his mandolin with him, he wanted to do some busking and set up near the coffee line up.  A good spot to be on a Sunday morning and he did really well.  The highlight was when a girl came by and gave Tai a $2 bill and held up a mirror to Tai and told him to look at how cool he was.  That’s the kind of place Northwest String Summit is!!!  We’ve met so many amazing people on this trip.  The coffee stand gave him $5 and a free donut so you know who was gloating all day 😉


Tai getting the Strummit treatment

We went back to the campsite and hung out for a few hours watching people slowly break down camp and goofing around.  We had some amazing neighbours and was sad saying good-byes.  I just feel fortunate to have been able to meet them and have had shared this experience with us.  E-mails were exchanged and pictures were taken. P1060426 Around 2:30 we went down to the concert area and saw Drew Emmit of Leftover Salmon, and a few others play before Yonder Mountain came on stage.  I went to the washroom and as I was opening the door to leave the honey bucket, I opened it to see Cory standing in front of me saying “I met you in South Beach”.  Sure enough I had!  She was the school teacher from Texas that we had met just over a week ago.  We had told her that we were coming here and she decided to check it out for a couple of days.  She didn’t know what to expect, but she said that if 2 people from Canada are riding their bikes there, it must be pretty good.  She was having a great time and was so excited to see the Furthur Bus.  Unfortunately at this time our camera battery died and we didn’t get a picture of her, although we did get to spend a good part of the evening together. P1060436 Yonder Mountain came on around 4:30pm and were going to close the main stage again this year.  They ended up blowing a big generator halfway through the show and losing power sending stage hands into a frenzy.  They worked on it for a good 45 minutes without much success, so they came out and did an “acoustic encore”.  I liked how these guys rolled with things.


tornado …

Afterward we went down to see the Deadly Gentlemen that were playing on the Cascade Stage.  Tai really likes the mandolin player, Dominic Leslie, and got to meet him earlier in the festival.  They were a young band with a lot of energy!  All top notch players!  After their first set we went back to camp to find a lot of cars and people missing.  Going to sleep would be no problem this night.


Today Big E signed my mandolin case. I was busking at the Cascade cafe shop. When I was busking  a lady came and brot a mirror  and shoed it to me and said look how cool you are and gave me a $2 bill. It was so cool!!! we said good bye but i wasn’t sad because I will see them next year. It was funny watching them pack up. When we where going to the main stage, we saw Duminc Leslie AND WE GOT TO MEET HIM!!!!!!! we went to the stage and when Yonder in the middle of the set they lost power and they blew the generator and after 45 minits they told the crowd they are going akoostik and it was fine. After we went to the Deadly Gentleman show at the Cascade stage and it was good  and we got to bed at 1:00 and i slept so good.     

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