Day 14 ~ Horning’s Hideout, OR > Portland, OR

Garmin Data can be found here.  (Map, distance, graphs and other fun stuff)


Since we only had a 50km ride into Portland from Horning’s, we took our time breaking camp and packing up.  Tai went and said goodbye to Nathan while I did all the final preparations and we started rolling at 11:50am.  The hardest hill of the trip so far was the one getting out of Horning’s and back up to the road.  It was a loose gravel road that zig zagged up a big hill and it just wasn’t safe to ride, so we walked it.  I saw quite a few cars pass us on the way up, but it would be all downhill into North Plains and the highway we needed to take (26 East).  Just before we got into North Plains there was construction and a big traffic line up had formed.  We breezed by all the cars that had passed us and were in North Plains before them.  We met an old hippie while waiting at the front of the line and chatted with him for a while.  Interesting guy.

After refueling in North Plains, we took highway 26 East for a while before turning off and getting on calmer roads.  A cyclist from Portland that I had met at String Summit gave me some route recommendations that we took up and followed.  We rode through some nice areas and passed through Beaverton (home of Nike and Intel) and continued into Portland.  Think urban sprawl.  Getting into the downtown area of Portland was fun riding and traffic was fairly busy as it was the beginning of rush hour when we arrived.  I love riding in downtown traffic!

We found our way to the Portland Hostel in the Hawthorne district just before 5pm and immediately hit the showers.  We smelt and looked like a couple of dirty hippies and needed sprucing up.  Awesome shower!!!  After showers, Tai and I did some much needed laundry and went out for dinner.  This was the first sit down in chairs dinner we had in quite some time and we devoured our eggs benedict.  Living on a small island in the country, we really enjoyed walking the city streets and checking things out.  The Hawthone District of Portland is a pretty cool area with shops, restaurants and bars that make it vibrant and unique.  A lot of hipsters and funky people roaming about tonight.

When we got back to the hostel we got things organized for tomorrow and video chatted with Norie and Ekou.  It was good to see them and hear their voices.  We told them all about String Summit and what we have been up to since we left.  It was getting late when we finished and my camera battery was recharged, so I took a picture of the first beds we would sleep in on the trip.  Another night I would sleep well (I hope).


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