Day 15 ~ Portland, OR

Garmin Data can be found here for today (Map, distance etc…)



We woke just after 7am and met Rodney shortly afterwards in the kitchen.  We cooked breakfast together and he told us about his motorcycle trip starting in NYC.  Really nice guy that is working his way towards the Burning Man festival.  A few others came in and we had a nice breakfast before heading out to explore Portland.  We wanted to hit a few bike shops and also stop by REI to pick up some supplies.  We went to Clever Cycles first, but they weren’t open yet, so we went to River City Bicycles next.


I had heard a lot about River City Bicycles and this would be my first time checking it out.  I was truly impressed!  They had a huge selection and the staff were great.  I got my headset tightened and they installed a new connector for my front light while we were looking around.  We bought a few shop t~shirts, a couple of caps and a jersey for me.  As we were leaving they gave Tai a free shop hat.  Being a bicycle tourist has its perks sometimes when you tell a few stories 😉

After leaving River City Bicycles, we wanted to head towards REI on the other side of the Willamette River.  We crossed on the Burnside bridge which dropped us right in the neighbourhood of Voodoo Donuts, so we had to stop and sample their wares.  Their maple bar donuts with a strip of bacon on top got my nod and Tai got a chocolate oreo donut.  You had to buy your coffee on the other side of the alley ~ what’s up with that???  Not having a good coffee and donut together since leaving, it hit the spot.  Good donuts but not worth the 20~25 minute wait in line.  They were also a bit pricy.  In Canada you see donut shops everywhere, but they have been scarce so far on this trip. Maybe if we were in civilization more often we would see them … and is it donut or doughnut?


After eating we rode up Burnside to 14th and took a right to REI.  They let us bring our bikes in and we wandered around in 2 stories of outdoor accessory heaven.  We bought some dried food, a new cup as mine broke at NWSS, and a rain jacket.  Everywhere I looked, Shower Pass jackets have all been the same price, but Oregon doesn’t have sales tax … easy decision as I have been running on luck so far this trip.  Before I left on this trip, it was the one item I wanted to find while down here in Portland.  Goal met, we turned around and headed back towards Clever Cycles while checking out the downtown area.


We crossed out of downtown on the Hawthorne Bridge and stopped at Clever Cycles.  I have been here a few times before and really like this shop.  Big selection of Brooks saddles and cargo bikes.  We were looking for a map case for Tai’s Ortlieb handlebar bag, and nobody has had the newest version that fits hit bag.  Clever also didn’t have any, but they found a shop nearby that had them in stock and sent us off with directions.  We found Universal Cycle and they indeed did have them in stock.  Goals of the day met, we headed back to the hostel and hung out a bit before going out for dinner and stopping by Safeway to get a few more supplies that we would need for the next few days.

P1060486 P1060497


We had breakfast with Rodney. We went to River City Bicycle, Dad had to fix something  on is bike and I got a free hat and dad got a Rapha hat. Then we went to Voodoo Donuts and the line up was huge it toke like 15 mints I got a Oreo cooky donut and dad got a maple baking bar. Then we went over the bridge to go REI and dad got a slick new rain coat and some food and a new cup. After that we went to Universal Cycle and I got a map kace for my front bag and it works grate and some T-shorts then we went back to the hostel. We had diner at a restaurant and we had eggs benedict and we went around and we went back to the hostel and we video chat with mom it was a  fun day!!! 

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