Day 17 ~ Ainsworth S.P., OR > Paradise Creek S.P. WA

Garmin Data can be found here.  (Map, distance, Temp. Calories …)



Today we were up early and on the road by 7am.  We only had a few more kms on the Historic Columbia River Highway before joining up with the I-84 East.  We rode this for a while until we came to an exit ramp indicating that bike should get off and take the “old road” around the tunnel ~ so that’s what we did.  Beautiful old road that hardly sees any use these days, but at the end was a set of stairs … .  There was a groove that bike tires could fit into along the railing, and they worked well enough.  It’s always a bit dicy when you have to manoeuvre a loaded touring bike in tight places and this was no exception.  Once down the stairs it was just a short way to Cascade Locks, the town where “Bridge of the Gods” is located and breakfast awaited.  We had a good breakfast served by a yappy waitress and were on our way across the bridge and back into Washington State.



Bridge of the Gods

Going across the bridge was a little nerving as even the “road” was made of metal and you could look down through the holes and see the water below.  On top of that, the bridge bounced and swayed a bit when traffic went by.  It felt good to be back on the Washington  state side and you could notice a difference in the amount of traffic (less).  We stopped in Stephenson and got some supplies then rode east to Carson.  From Carson we turned left into the mountains and started climbing right from the get go.  It was turning into a really hot day so we stopped to get some ice cream and a map. From Carson the road climbs steadily and had some long straight stretches without any shade.  It was getting so hot that the tar on the road was melting and sticking to our tires.



We didn’t want to stop and have a break in the sun so we rode on until we found some shade and a guardrail.  After the break we continued on until we found a stream and I dunked my cycling cap and shirt into the river.  Let’s say that wool shirts don’t smell the best when they are wet.  They are great in regards to sweat, but the sweat mixed with water brought the funk out.  It wasn’t so bad because the shirt was dry within 10 minutes.


We got off the road fairly early as there wasn’t another campsite for quite a while and it was also so hot.  On top of that tomorrow we would have to climb about 500~600 meters right from the start, so we decided to have an early day and rest up for tomorrow as it would be a monster day of climbing for us.  Paradise Creek campground had big sites so we set up our tent and had a short nap before dinner.  It was nice to be in the shade and by a cool stream.  The only drawback to this campsite was that there were chipmunks running around and I have a feeling they would play havoc during the night.  Dinner was nothing special and we went to bed before it was dark.  No fly on the tent tonight as it was still quite warm in the evening.



IT WAS SO HOT!!!!!!!  When we woke up it was worm and we knew it was going to be hot. It was a straight road. It was so hot that the tar was melting!!! There was alot of climbing  today. We stopped at a river and soked Dad’s shirt.  Dad said it was refreshing. We are at Paradise Creek C.G  We were so tired that we had a nap when we got there and we are having chicken vindaloo.  The guy in Carson lied to us about the distance ~ he said it was only 2 miles but it was more like 12. There was a sign that said frost but it was 40 degrees C. -Bull shit!!!! We took the Bridge Of  The Gods to cross the COLUMBA RIVER!!!!!!! We ate ece creme!!! 

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