Day 22 ~ Dosewallips State Park, WA > Port Townsend, WA

Garmin Data can be found here.  (Map, distance, elevation gain…)


Considering how late we were up the night before (almost 11pm), we were on the road just after 7:30am.  The day was grey and there was a mist in the air.  A couple of miles from the campground we came upon a gas station and bought a couple of pastries and were soon pedalling again.  As usual, there was a big climb that we had to ascend early and we were told that that was the only real climb of the day.  (The kiwis didn’t go to Port Townsend, so they didn’t know about those climbs that we would have to do.)  After a 5 mile climb, we had a nice downhill and rolled into Quilcene for a proper breakfast.


From Quilcene to highway 20, where we turned off highway 101 for Port Townsend, we rode through rural farmland that that was mostly flat with a few rollers.  The small towns that we did pass through looked like they had seen better days and had an array of dilapidated vehicles in various stages of decay in the front yards.  I felt like I was just putting in the miles to get to Port Townsend.  When we got to the turnoff for highway 20, I was on familiar roads as I had been to Port Townsend a couple of times before.


On highway 20 we had a long steep climb to start the 20 plus miles to Port Townsend.  If it was sunny, it would have been beautiful as it follows the side of a bay.  The one drawback of this road was that there was very little shoulder to ride on.  We had our lights on as the fog rolled in and with that, raised the tension of the ride.  We were happy to arrive in Port Townsend just as the sun came out and cruised through the downtown area.  We went to the Wooden Boat Foundation and looked around at the various boats they were crafting.  I had been there a couple of times and never tire of checking out the place.  We spend a good hour looking around and decided it was time for lunch.  We asked a lady who worked at the gift shop if she knew of a good fish and chip restaurant in town and she recommended Sea’s Cafe beside the working marina, so we headed over there.  We were told that it was where all the locals went.  It was basically a shack beside the marina where the workers and dockhands had lunch.  It wasn’t bad, but I guess I was expecting more … of everything.  We sat on the patio with a view of the huge marina and met a guy who did enough talking for all of us.

P1060935 P1060948

I really like the downtown area of Port Townsend as the main street has a lot of character, and a lot of it surrounds wooden boats.  There was an acoustic blues festival starting the next day, so there were some good buskers on the corners to watch and listen to.  We were tired so we decided to get some food at the Co-op grocery store and then  head over to Fort Worden State Park.  The Co-op was very upscale looking and was filled with older hippies that smelled of patchouli.  Tai stayed outside and watched the bikes while I went in and when I came out, I told him about the hippies. “Yeah, right” he said.  Not 10 seconds later an older hippie came up and started asking about our trip.  “Far out, man”.  Tai did all he could to keep from bursting out in laughter.


With food in our bags, we headed to Fort Worden State Park where we were told it was full. I guess there were a lot of people in town for the blues festival.  We rode around the park and checked it out as it was an old naval academy at one time.  Lots of whitewashed buildings that looked like they were barracks at one time.  Interesting place but we were off the Jefferson County Fairground where we were told we could camp for the night.  It was basically a field in the fairgrounds that we could pitch our tent.  We found a place in the far corner where we pitched our tent and had some dinner.  The fog rolled in a bit earlier, so it was damp and kind of dismal, we decided to have a nap.  The nap lasted until about 5:30am the next morning.



We saw the hugest pig I ever seen. We ate fish and chips and a guy was talking to us. We saw a lot of hippies at the groshres store and Dad came up and said there were a lot of hippies in there.  I didn’t believe  him and 10 secants later a guy come up to us and said “hay man where are you coming from” Canada “oh far out” and i almost laft out loud. We went to a old  NAVY  ground ~ it was so cool. we slept at aFairground and when we got there we had a big nap and when we woke up we had diner and we went back to bed.  

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