I recently joined the BC Randonneurs Cycling Club and thought that this would be a great way to journal my involvement with them, and cycling in general.  I’ve been a long time cyclist but haven’t been on the bike much the past few years due to family obligations and all the responsibilities that go along with having small kids.  Fortunately this is changing and I’m able to put more time in the saddle now.  Short rides with the kids, or longer brevets, they’re all good!


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  1. Rob Bernhardt says:

    Hi John (& Norie),
    I want to thank you for setting up such a classy control yesterday. Using the cargo bike in that way is very cool!
    Norie, the sushi was the most amazing I have ever seen. Taste should not be judged while riding (taste starts to reflect calorie count more than flavour as the kilometres add up), but they were delicious.
    Rob Bernhardt

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